Finally our committee succeed in Unearth 3.9 Million M.Ton rare mineral illegal mining – The Honourable Supreme Court has dismissed the SLP filed by the concerned company

Our Association submit a complaint against M/S. Southern Enterprises and Indian Garnet Sand Company both belongs to Mining Don Dayadevadas. Ex.Central Minister Dhanukodi Athithan was associated with this company. They have looted large scale illegal mining and destroy the tank, river bed and check dam and road etc., and thereby cause severe environment damage, in addition to huge revenue loss to government. They have escaped the crime, in the name of  a Binamy federation called “Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries”.


Based on our complaint the Tamilnadu government found that they have done illegal mining for  tune of 3.9 million M.Ton of rare minerals. The Honourable High Court division bench in its order in W.P. 175/2010 directed the government to take action against them according to law. The erred company against the above said order, filed review petition before the division bench of Honorable High Court, as review application No. 61/2011 which was also dismissed on 12.12.2013.  


They have filed SLP b before the Honorable Supreme Court with condone delay petition. The Honorable Supreme court dismissed the same on 02.02.2015 . Copy of the Supreme Court order is given below.


Thus we have succeed in unearth mega scale illegal mining and there by save environment and surrounding village people life and ground water.





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