Our Association complaint against Sandhya Reporter of Economic Times

Respected Sirs,

Sub : Complaint against Sandhya Reporter of Economic Times in Chennai – Request to conduct an enquiry against her and to publish the correct News for the false news published by her.

 Ref : News published on 01.02.2015 under the caption of “Illegal Beach Sand mining of Minerals in Tamilnadu may be a scam worth Rs. 1 lakh crore”

I bring to your esteemed attention that Tmt.Sandiya Ravichandran who is on service as a news reporter in your ‘The Economic Times’ has been doing great disservice to the entire journalistic fraternity itself by threatening and blackmailing industrialists and businessmen thereby extorting money from them if they do not toe in line with her financial demand.  Being myself know about her evil design, I consider it my duty to lodge this complaint and register this strong protest about your above mentioned reporter so as to facilitate you to remedy the situation.

 On 1-2-2015 one news item under the caption and title “illegal beach sand mining of minerals in Tamil Nadu may be a scam worth of Rs.1 Lakh crore” has been published in your esteemed and highly admired news paper in the name of Tmt.Sandiya Ravichandran.  The contents of the entire news item are factually incorrect and baseless. It smacks of her oblique motive and sinister design.  It is true that there has been a long pending business rivalry and feud in the beach sand minerals mining between M/s.Indian Garnet Sand Company and M/s. Southern Enterprises in which Mr.Danushkodi Adityan, former Union Minister is one of the partners on the one side and M/s.V.V.Mineral on the other side since 1988.  Several civil suits filed by the group of the former Union Minister in various courts against M/s.V.V.Mineral to paralyse  their beach sand minerals mining activities have been disposed of only in favour of M/s.V.V.Mineral.  The aforesaid two companies had been favoured with grant of a few mining leases for mining ‘Garnet’ sand from the river beds in Trichirapalli District.  These companies had involved in large scale illegal mining and destroyed the tanks, roads and public places etc.,.    When their unauthorized mining operation went out of bound and limits, a case was filed against them in the Honourable High Court of Judicature, Chennai by our association through its President.   As ordered by the Honourable High Court, Chennai, the Govt., constituted a committee to inspect and found that 39 Lakhs M.Ton of rare mineral garnet had been illegally mined by this two companies.  As ordered by the Honourable High Court, the state Govt., on its part has prematurely terminated all their mining leases so as to protect further their illegal activities. They filed revision petition which was also dismissed by the Honourable division beach on 12.12.2013. By got anger, they engaged some retired officials and formed a crony clique so as to indulge in smear campaign against M/s.V.V.Mineral by making false complaints and baseless allegations against  them.  In their endeavor they have engaged the services of Mr.V.Sundaram, IAS (Retd), Mr.Devasagayam IAS (Retd) and Mr.Victor Rajamanickam and through them they have been launching a systematic and planned vilification campaign against M/s.V.V.Mineral.  Their secret parlays and deliberations have all been videographed and put out in the website http://www.beachminerals.org/video-home/ .  I request you to kindly visit the above said site available in English and Tamil.  After  Mr.Dhayadevadas met with defeat after defeat in his attempt to thwart the business of M/s.V.V.Mineral and also that after some action has also been initiated against Mr.Victor Rajamanickam himself for his misappropriation of Govt. fund in various projects with which Mr.Victor Rajamanicakam was associated , both of them have since joined hands to surreptitiously influence Tmt.Sandiya, your reporter, with money thereby causing publication of this news item against M/s.V.V.Mineral.  Their task became relatively easier since Tmt.Sandhya is a close friend of one Mrs.Radhika who is the daughter of Mr.V.Sundaram IAS (Retd) who in turn is already an accomplice of  Mr.Dhayadevadas and Mr.Victor Rajamanickam in execution of all their wrong doings.  Your reporter has made several demands and all these details can be decoded from the website http://www.southernmines.org/blog/our-objection-letter-to-hindu-translated-copy/.  The management of the Hindu news paper,  on perusal of the website , has graciously accepted their mistake and promised not to repeat this mistake in their news paper.  This has been published as a rejoinder news item in their subsequent edition also.

Tmt. Sandiya has another friend in the name of Mr.Savukku Sankar.  He has had a bad antecedent and track record of himself getting caught by the police department for having leaked and sold the ‘question paper’ intended for recruitment in the police department, when he was working in Police Department.  He has been summarily terminated from the police service itself for his above said criminal activity.

The gang indulging in such fraudulent activities of black mailing and intimidating businessmen and other industrialists includes Mr.Kappikulam Prabakar, Makkal seithi Maiyam Mr.Anbalagan, Human Rights Protection Committee member Mr.Vanchinathan, Mr.Viswa Vishwanathan etc.,  They are also in tie up with Tmt.Saniya.  Their modus operandi of execution of their evil design is like this.  Tmt.Sandhya will first gather information as a reporter and pass them on to any one of the persons of the said gang who in turn put out the same in the Electronic media as an article.  If there is no positive response as expected by them, they will resort to filing a PIL in the Honourable High Court.  Those who are afraid to face and contest the case and also have some axe to grind will settle their matters with them by paying such amount as may be demanded by them.  Thereafter, the PIL will be immediately withdrawn.  In the process they drag the names of Govt. officials too.  Those who are prepared to face and contest the case will have to eventually face the non-cooperation of the govt. officials whose names are dragged in the PIL in disposing of even their legitimate mining lease applications as per statutory rules and regulations.  This is how these people succeed in extracting money from the businessmen, etc.  A lion’s share goes to Mrs.Sandhya who is upfront instrumental in initiating this sinister move.  In the same manner these gang people with the support and cooperation of Tmt.Sandhya, your reporter, has started to attack M/s.V.V.Mineral.  Since M/s.V.V.Mineral has refused to take part in their compromising formula and to fall into their well laid trap, the company is distained to face three writ petitions filed against them as PIL.  Even after filing PIL, the company has still refused to satisfy their financial demand.  They have now started this vilification and smear campaign against them.  Their primary objective and intention is to prejudice the mind of the judiciary and the State Govt. against M/s.V.V.Mineral.

Your reporter has made an absurd and baseless allegation without verifying the fact or producing authentic evidence in support of her contention that death of one person and kidney failure in another person are all only due to beach sand minerals mining.

A person’s kidney failure is a universal problem and phenomenon and not confined to one particular area or reason.  What is the basis upon which your reporter has stated that kidney failure is only due to beach sand minerals mining?  Beach sand minerals occurrence in the coastal areas has been in existence since geologic ages.   For argument sake if these mineral deposits are not mined and consequently allowed to remain ‘insitu’ in their places of occurrence themselves unexploited,  Will not the existence of these mineral deposits cause any kidney failure as per the supposition  of your  reporter ?  Is it not preposterous and ludicrous as per the part of your reports to assume that beach sand minerals cause damage to human kidneys only when they are mined and not so when they have been in existence ‘insitu’ unexploited in the mother earth in the other areas?    Is there any case of human kidney failures reported in the other areas in the states of Kerala, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, etc, where also these beach sand minerals are being mined for over three decades?  Why your reporter has not visited and conducted any such  case study in those states?  Why she has chosen to target the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu alone where M/s.V.V.Minerl has been carrying out mining operation?  This contention and argument of your reporter is ridiculous and absurd.  What is the basis upon which Rs. One lakh crore has been computed?  Does not your reporter know that State Govt., has no power and control over export of goods?  Does not your reporter know that State Govt., can not permit export of any goods?  Does not your reporter know that export of ‘Monazite’ has been banned for the last 40 years?  If your reporter knows all these details, what is the motive behind raising all these points as false allegations in her report? How can she be allowed to misuse her position as  a reporter of  an illustrious news paper to make money illegally by blackmailing businessmen?  I am very well conversion with all ground realities in all the coastal tracts of Tamil Nadu.  It is therefore requested that a special team of reporters either from Delhi or Mumbai may kindly be deputed to visit all the coastal areas in southern districts and obtain their report.  On dispassionate analysis of their report, I am sure that you will come to know the truth that the present report of Tmt.Sadiya is a fraudulent, concocted and fabricated one  prepared with ulterior and oblique motive.

In this process, if an action is taken at your end to order a fact finding inquiry, we are prepared to meet, submit and prove our point with facts, figures, records and documents.  It is indeed a tragedy that your well valued and admired  news paper has chosen to take a side of one group of company and be a medium of propagating false rumours about another company when the fact remains that it is purely a matter of business competition, rivalry and feud between two individual companies.

In the light of the facts submitted to you from our side, we request you kindly to analyze them with open and fair mind and order a dispassionate inquiry into the contents of the report of Tmt.Sandiya to find out whether her report contains any supporting documentary evidence to substantiate her claim or whether those companies against which such allegations have been levelled have been approached to obtain their view points or objections, etc, such an unbiased inquiry by a special team of reporters alone will expose the fraudulent practice of Tmt.Sandiya.

If the date and time is communicated to us in advance we are prepared to prove even in front of Tmt.Sandiya herself that the report smacks of factually incorrect information.  We feel sorry that publication of such false , concocted and fabricated report in your esteemed news paper will only bring disrepute to your news paper which in the ultimate analysis will sow a seed of doubt in the mind of your customers that even the news items published in the Economic Times can not be relied upon.  

There is a talk that Smt.Sandhya has prepared this report only to appease the DMK leader and thereby show her gratitude to him , as it is a well know fact that Smt.Sandhya owes her allegiance to the DMK leader.

Thanking you sir and awaiting your favourable response,

With regards,

Yours Truly,


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