Average temperatures in #SouthAsia have been on the rise in the last 60 years and will continue

Average temperatures in #SouthAsia have been on the rise in the last 60 years and will continue ↑↑↑ How can the region build resilience to #climatechange?

South Asia is highly vulnerable to climate change. Increases in extreme weather, rising sea-levels, higher temperatures, and more erratic rainfall will all impact the wellbeing of South Asians and the region’s economic development.

Join us to discuss how governments and communities across South Asia—which remains one of the world’s poorest regions—can develop targeted actions to build resilience to climate change.

This event will present the main findings of the upcoming report South Asia’s Hotspots, which identifies the impact of weather changes on local communities across South Asia. The report highlights specific locations that are particularly vulnerable and suggests strategies to improve resilience.


Source : http://www.thetimes24.com/average-temperatures-in-southasia-have-been-on-the-rise-in/

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