No connection between Beach Mineral Mining and sea erosion



 The Committee has taken the task upon itself to propagate and disseminate proper information to dispel the myth and misgiving which are being spread by some actors and stooges who are playing in the hands and also dancing to the tunes of some vested interest.  They are acting against the national interest by spreading false rumours and unscientific and  baseless allegations that mining of beach sand minerals leads to sea erosion and the sea becoming ferocious thereby causing destruction to the buildings, etc, in Colachel fishing port in Kanyakumari District.  It has also been reported about the mystery of coastal area in Australia turning red.   It looks indeed a bizarre and sounds strange that beach sand mining is directly attributed as the reason for whatever happening in the vicinity of coastal areas.  In this context it is considered pertinent to furnish the findings on the reasons for sea erosion in the coastal area.


An extensive study has been conducted by an appropriate authority namely  the Chief Engineer, Directorate of Sea Erosion, Government of India in this regard and as per his study report the following are adduced as the primary reasons for sea erosion.  In reply to the letter of Member of Parliament, Tiruchendur, the Chief Engineer has stated the following facts:-


“Sea erosion is an universal phenomenon. India is no exception to it.  Sea erosion occurs in all coastal lines in India and therefore it is not an uncommon one.  About 20% of the coastal areas in India are getting affected by  sea erosion.  A long stretch of 1350 KM coastal line has been affected by sea erosion.  The reasons for sea erosion are adduced to the following factors:-


  • The velocity , intensity and ferocity of wave action.
  • Rising of sea level due to global warming.
  • Back wash of beach sand due to the under current wave action during monsoon period.
  • Washing of sea weeds and other planktons by flood water.
  • Construction of fishing and other minor ports without proper planning and execution.
  • Construction of preventive walls and other structures without proper planning and
  • Putting sand bags inadequately against the intensity of flow of water. “


 From the above statement of facts and reasons given in the study report of the Chief Engineer, it may be discerned that there is no relationship between the beach sand mining and the sea erosion and consequently there is no reason to harbour any apprehension  in this respect.


The Committee also knows that. 71 beach mineral mining leases are granted in Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Tuticorin districts to various lessees and no lease hold area or the adjacent area is affected by the sea erosion.




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