Role of VV Mineral in reducing Global warming

The 3rd Annual Congress on “Pollution and Global Warming” and 4th International Conference on “Past and Present Research System of Green Chemistry convened at Atlanda of USA during  16-18, October 2017. All over India one person from Andhra University and One person from deemed University of Trichy and two representative from VV Mineral alone participated. On behalf of VV Mineral Dr. T.Anitha and K.Nithya Kalyani, P.hd., participated and present a research paper “Role of VV Mineral in Reducing Global Warming Through Green Mining Technology of Garnet”. They have highlighted that VV Mineral implemented two common sense steps Manual mining and Solar drying to address the challenge of Climate Change in Mining and Beatification of Garnet, which reduced the emission of 29.67 – 32.36 Kg CO2 emission per Ton. Congratulation for this highly needed efforts by the VV Mineral and the participants to highlight Indian Companies environmental friendly activities to International to the world.


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