Translation – Objection to Hindu on 20.8.14

Coastal Environment and Ecology Conservation Committee Letter dated 20.08.2014

On 19.08.2014, there was an article written by you under the heading “travel in a mysterious area” and I submit my objection to that article as follows.  The 1st photograph in the above said page, is available in Vaippar village Beach.   Algae being separated, the black babool, and there is no residence and the sand is not being quarried will be revealed from that photograph itself. The 2nd photograph is the Karaichuthu Pudur village beach, there also there is no residence, agriculture, and the sand is being spread by the wind will be clearly revealed.

There is no connection whatsoever between the photograph and your article.  But with the ulterior motive, for the money received from Thiru. Dayadevadass and Nila Sea Food company, you have starting from the Indian Rare Earth Limited at Kanyakumari, the target is being made on the V.V.Minerals. The area mentioned by you Neroodi, Midalam all are available in Indian Rare Earth Limited company, Govt., company mining lease area.  IRE Ltd itself mining sand in the sea which is permitted by Central Government.

Without CRZ Clearance and without environmental clearance, without valid mining lease renewal, they are quarrying from 1992 to till now.  You had not written about that and you are writing about the mining operation by V.V.Mineral made in own patta lands with proper permissions and approvals and it alone will reveal that you are writing for the money received by you. You have mentioned that the fishermen are being affected and that they are objecting the same. In real fact, the fishermen themselves are engaged in the mining activity.

Some person like you who are working for the money received from Dayadevadas group, had given their interview, stating that they are objecting the same.  I had enclosed a letter copy obtained from the Indian Rare Earth Limited.  If you see this, you can find out that IRE Ltd employees only 15 persons are engaged, but more than 2000 people are from Kottelpadu, Neroodi, Chinnavilai, Periyavilai which are mentioned by your news item.   You are also saying another big slander as there is an irregularity to the tune of Rs.1 lakh Crore.  If we ask that do you have any proof, you will quote previous news or report of Ashishkumar.

If a corrupted officer gives the wrongful report like this for the purpose of money without any proof, is it fair to release of the same in your magazine without any perusal whatsoever? In your release, if it was mentioned in the note that this news is being published for the money received by us, it is correct or if it is written that it is being published for the money received by your reporter, it is also justified. The objections being made by some persons is mentioned to be objection by the village and the news published as such is with ulterior motive.  If really want to publish the news which will affect the general public, you would have written about the Indian rate Earth Limited which is functioning without the environmental clearance, CRZ Clearance without valid mining lease renewal. All over India, highly radioactivity mineral sand is available in Manavalakurichi (Please refer to the answer to the un-stared question No.3259 in the Rajyasaba of Parliament).  Indian Rare Earth Limited is functioning there. 

The radioactivity sand which is not quarried through IRE Ltd’s own staff. But they are using the fishermen for quarrying the radioactive mineral.  Could you say as to how many fishermen died in this? If the diseases mentioned by you are being caused due to this, there is no need for the cancer hospital at Chennai.  It should be in Kanyakumari.  There should not be cancer in any of the other countries in the world.  Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Tuticorin alone mining activities are carried out. When that being so, the disease should not be there in the other districts. Please do not misuse the freedom of Press for the purpose of money.

Please look at the below mentioned websites.

If you see the above said websites, you can find out that who is the route cause for submitting false report by Ashish Kumar and who is behind the pre-planned false news spread. All are available in the form of video photo and news.   Please see this, and stop the spreading of the false rumors for the sake of money in future.  Please publish my objection as it is in your newspaper.  

Yours truly  

Sd/- R. Immanuvel

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